Black & White

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These works began as an exercise in setting limits.  By restricting my colour choices to primarily  black and white acrylic paint, I focused on the ranges of tonality and composition.  The pouring of the paint creates movement and dynamism where the tonalites merge and separate creating a sense of space and being at the same time. They have an “in the moment” feel and yet compel the viewer to look deeper.  They are not simple paintings constructed by simple colours–true black and true white exist only as a convenient  construct.  It is what you do with the nuances that matter.  You find the details in the simplification of the process.

The Black & White Panel Series consists of 20 panels which evolved from this exploratory work in black and white.  A dialogue emerged where one panel ends up responding and evolving into to the movement of another panel.  The acrylic paint is poured and manipulated without brushwork.  You will find these panels naturally “group” themselves in your mind as you view and respond to the work.

“There is no light painting or dark painting, but simply relations of tones.”

— Paul Cezanne

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