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My acrylic abstracts are about the strength of colour and their emotional connection to themes of renewal and re-emergence.  I work in a non-objective, expressive style where the emotion of colour and its tactile form in paint informs the creative process for me.

The paint can be layered thickly or poured thinly, the colour surfaces are often revealed, scraped back and then hidden again–yet it is the energy of the moment that creates a power and spontaneity to the final piece.  This manipulation and exploration of colour and paint fascinates and draws the viewer into the painting.  Each approach to the blank canvas reveals the gradual evolution of colour into line and form.  The colours flow, offering the possibilities of depth and dimension but are  ultimately confined by plane.


“There are tonalities which are noble and others which are vulgar, harmonies which are calm or consoling, and others which are exciting because of their boldness.”

— Paul Gauguin

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