Memories of the Forest Installation

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The search for the meaning of “home” has been an ongoing narrative in my work for the past few years. I am exploring not just the physical sense of home but also the spiritual and metaphorical search for home in different media.  The forest scene created with “found” objects placed in the woods speaks to the loss of home.

The environment can be viewed on its own merit but also for the secrets it keeps. The found objects — a tablecloth, candlesticks, a kerchief and a burlap sack of potatoes — are placed among fallen logs, signifying personal stories of loss among the shadows of the spirits in the forest.

The artist book placed on the logs outlines the stories behind the found objects and ties them to the overarching theme on the loss of home. The book includes original photography, artwork and images, as well as written vignettes and quotes.

The meaning of home is not defined in a neat package for consideration; it is an ongoing journey that continues to evolve in our memories.

“I shall assume that your silence gives your consent.”

— Plato


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