Artist Statement

The tension between representational and abstract, and what emerges from it, is what interests me as a visual artist. Working primarily in the areas of painting and photography, themes of renewal, nature and home organically emerge as patterns in my work. In my photography, I attempt to capture the abstract qualities of texture, composition and colour—it can come through unexpectedly in ordinary everyday objects or surroundings.

The search for the meaning of “home”  has also been an ongoing narrative in my work for the past few years– not just the physical sense of home but also a spiritual and metaphorical search for home.  I continue to explore this through my landscapes series (in painting and photography) that deals with the idealized view of  “home” but also a multi-media installation piece entitled “Memories of the Forest” that speaks to the more complicated and emotional ties of exile, loss and redemption.  The uneasy juxtapositioning of these ideas creates a complex reality that lie in stark contrast to each other.  The meaning of home is not defined in a neat package for consideration; it is an ongoing journey that continues to evolve in our memories. 

Based in Toronto, my works can be found in private collections throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Quebec, and New York.  Works range from paintings on canvas to outdoor murals on wood.

Affiliations & Links:

Gallery 44
Gallery 1313
North Toronto Group of Artists
North York Visual Artists
Spot Collective
National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)


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