Dreamscapes at Liberal Gallery

I am very pleased to be part of a new initiative started by Liberal Jewellery on Dundas St. West in Toronto.  Beginning this summer they have devoted half of their window display to promoting visual photo 3artists.  It is a great exhibition space with approximately 23 linear feet of wall to work with–the possibilities are terrific for 3D and 2D art.

Liberal intends to make it an ongoing display opportunity for local artists.  The neighbourhood has a electic variety of shops and restaurants that reflect the changing nature of the area.  Hashtag Gallery is just a couple of doors east of Liberal and has proven to be a popular and exciting venue for new and upcoming artists.

My Dreamscape series is intended to be an joyful and playful expression of colour with experimentation in texture and colour.  The emotion of colour and its tactility informs the creative process for me.  It has been an ongoing theme in my work and this series offers a childlike sense of play and whimsical experimentation with colour and textures. Children are my most ardent fans of this series.  One child emphatically informed me that I framed one picture incorrectly and it should have been a vertical not a horizontal painting.  She named it “bubblegum tree”.  If you get a chance to see the exhibition I leave it up to your imagination to find the one she was talking about.

Colour delights the child in all of us when we allow it to engage us–it somehow gets lost in the Blue_Expressionspolitially correct world of beige.  Clearly the Dreamscape series has also connected with that childlike delight in discovering the potential in arts, especialy abstract, where the viewer needs to engage with it on a very personal and subjective level.  If you get a chance to see the exhibition I would love to hear your thoughts!  For a view of the complete series on my website just see Dreamscapes.


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