Home Series — in Process

I took advantage of the last few warm Fall days to complete two large paintings that connect to my Home Series — I worked on my cement pad and poured my paints as the squirrels looked at me and the leaves fell down. I completed a forest installation on one aspect of the series last year which was very satisfying. Now I am focusing on the impressionistic idea of prairie landscape and memories without falling back on the usual
representational images. The series is evolving into a direction I am now calling Home: “Neither Here Nor There”. The expression orginates from an old Yiddish saying that ties together the old and the new. The series is based on my recollections of growing up on the prairies and yet not being of the
prairies. You can view my artist statement on my Home Series Gallery to read more about it.

This new painting is 40″ x 60″ and titled “From Sunset Into Night”.

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