AWOL Square Foot Show 2011

This year the AWOL collective is organizing its 9th Annual Square Foot Show August 5 -21 at the Twist Gallery,  1100 Queen St. West in Toronto.  Click on Square Foot Show for more details.  Hundreds of 12″ x 12″ paintings are on display showing an impressive array of diversity and creativity.  It can take quite a while to view all the works but it is a fun diversion during the last few hot days of summer.

The AWOL collective runs its own gallery and studios during the year but given the size of the event it is usually held offsite to accommodate all the works.  The Twist Gallery offers a great venue right on Queen Street to do the show justice this year.  Established in 1999, the AWOL Gallery and Studios is recognized as one of the pioneers of the Toronto Queen West Gallery District.  AWOL does a seamless job of organizing such a large show each year.  From an artist’s point of view it is a great show, well organized and highly democratic in its appeal.

I would suggest turning the Sqaure Foot Show into a day of gallery hopping since there are so many great galleries on Queen Street West.  Give yourself lots of time and have lunch at the Drake Hotel on the patio to break up the day.

I will have three works in the show –all acrylic abstracts on canvas.  They are very strong  contemporary paintings that are atmospheric and moody in character.  I chose to stay within the theme of black and white which is a series I am currently working on; however, I have chosen to let the paint dominate and divert into color variations. I have manipulated, poured and scraped the paint to create a sense of movement and mood with “deviations” on yellow, red and blue.  They are titled  “Deviations on Black”.







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