Outdoor Art As It Should Be

It is the middle of July and the heat and humidity have arrived…but the garden has grown in and blossomed to the point where the outdoor paintings/murals are now integrated into their environment as intended.

The outdoor art always stands out against the barren fence and yard in the early Spring when the buds are just emerging, adding colour and optimism to the garden as it grows. I always find that the art merges into its environment as the Summer and Fall arrive which is how I feel it works best.

The outdoor art/murals peek through the ivy and flowers and shrubs just as intended. The red poppy mural pops out from behind the white hydrangeas and greenery while the large forest pathway mural emerges from the english ivy and flowering dogwood tree.  They offer lovely surprises adding another point of interest to the garden and personalizes the outdoor space.

Check out one of my first blog entries titled “Original Art in the Outdoors” to see the poppy mural in the same location in the Spring…..

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