One of the answers to the cold, damp grey days of March in Toronto—if you can’t fight it then just pho­to­graph it. I walked through the neigh­bour­hood with my cam­era one day in March and found it absorbing—textures and colours (yes even in win­ter) seemed even more pro­nounced with the melt­ing snow and rain everywhere.

I was par­tic­u­larly taken with the Winter Vignettespools of water near the side­walks and the reflec­tions that could be seen. Com­po­si­tion­ally I tried to keep it inter­est­ing and found when the sun came through the clouds it an atmos­pheric effect was cre­ated that had to be cap­tured. I even got excited when cars drove through the water and I tried to cap­ture the rip­pled effect. Amaz­ing what a lit­tle psy­cho­log­i­cal inter­ven­tion can do to make a nor­mally dull, depress­ing day in March prove uplifting.

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