Huicholes at the Textile Museum of Canada

An exhibition not to be missed is “Huicholes – A People Walking Toward the Light” is currently on show for the summer.  The art of the Huicholes, an indigenous group from western Mexico features dazzling yarn paintings made of wood, wax and yarn.  The brilliant deep hues of colours and complex compositions will take time to absorb and read–it is well worth an afternoon of exploration at the Textile Museum.


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Fall in Montreal/Fall News

It was one of those glorious Fall days in Eastern Canada where Mother Nature gives us a last lingering goodbye to sunshine and warmth until May (yes I said May).  Between the stunning Fall foliage left on the trees to the wet ones on the ground, all was good with the world in the sunshine. Montreal was in its Fall glory and I happened to find some impressive public art sculptures on my walk along with Montreal’s flair for design and art in full display. I dropped by a favourite cafe/patisserie Clementine on Sherbrooke street and lingered over a cappuccino watching the sun setting over the buildings.

These last few months have been busy with artistic infrastructure projects–a new updated website is coming soon along with some special photography work.  I am also continuing in the studio and building upon my abstract/impressionistic landscape “Home” series. I am continuing my collaboration with Vida an unique social enterprise that promotes literacy/math training along with an opportunity to create original works of art on apparel.  You can check out my collection at

I leave you with some photos of the last days of Fall……



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Transforming Art

I finally decided to pursue the idea of transforming some of my artwork into wearable art through a website called  The vibrant colours from my Dreamscape series lend themselves naturally to fabric and I am supportive of the concept/mission statement that Vida of connecting artists, designers and manufacturers worldwide.

I created a collection of scarves, tops, and sheer wraps that I am pleased to present–here are a few samples but visit my collection page to see the full collection

Blue WingsAmobeas

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Printmaking in Val David: L’Atelier de L`ile 40th Anniversary Celebration

01a176342c3de3ff6cfdd78b20a44d54f87597198dLast month I had the luck of discovering LÀtelier de L`ile, a wonderful artists cooperative that has been based in Val David, in the heart of the Laurentians for the past 40 years.

The artist-run centre supports and promotes not only printmaking but all contemporary artistic practices including digital arts, painting, sculpture, photography, writing,and poetry as well as installation and performance art.Founded in 1975 by Michel-Thomas Tremblay, the artist-run centre celebrated its 40th anniversary by recreating the orginal  performance done by Tremblay called “Fair Impression au Rouleau Compressure”  at the Musee dàrt contemporain de Montreal in 1983,

Twenty  students from the Print Media Program at Concordia University along with 20 artists from the Atelier de L`ile created intricate prints by using a steam roller as the printmaking machine of choice.  The crowds that turned out at the Val David Train Station were fascinated by the labour intensive process that produced dozens of prints during the Saturday afternoon.  Various businesses and restaurants throughout the village exhibited many of the prints done over the years by the Centre.

Here are some photos of the afternoon and a glimpse into the printmaking process. For more photos and information on the day and the group you can find out more at

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